Check Out Our Digs

For those of you we haven’t had the pleasure of hosting for a weekend away or for a Cinco de Mayo or Whited Wonderland Christmas bash, we thought we’d offer up a mini-tour of the casa.

These photos will be updated frequently as we complete new projects, decide to repaint – again, or even just rearrange the furniture. So keep checking in for changes!


Living Room

Dining Room


There’s more to come so keep checking in for photos of that fire pit, the new powder room, all the bedrooms and more!


12 Responses to Check Out Our Digs

  1. mindymac says:

    I love the natural textures! And I really like how you have a dark dining table with contrasting chairs! Great job.

  2. Katie C. says:

    Love your blog. I live in Durham and it’s so fun to read about local stuff. Any chance you can tell me where your drum shade pendant in your dining room was purchased? Looking for one for our breakfast nook. Congrats on the DM blog gig!

  3. gretchen says:

    So funny… my friends used to own this house, but I never would have recognized it without the exterior shot. So fun to see the changes you’ve made:-) I love the new kitchen!

  4. robin/burlington,nc says:

    Just found your blog thanks to Can you please tell us your paint color details? Thanks.

  5. Heather says:

    Hey Amy! Just discovered your blog! Where did you get your long bamboo shades? We have been looking for some to go in our kitchen. We have the same window door.

  6. susan says:

    just came upon your blog and i loooove your dining room! where did you get the fantastic table and chairs?

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