About Us

Hola! I’m Amy, and he’s Chad. We have two pups named Barton and Lucy. We all loaded up a van and moved from Texas to North Carolina about a year and a half ago – very shortly after our wedding.  Now if you do the math, we are not technically honeymooners anymore, but hey why nit pick.

After meeting in NC in 2003, we had no doubts that we would love our new home here and have not been disappointed. Although we met in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, the Triangle area has been good to us. We (and the bank) share a small half-acre of earth in Durham. We try to take care of it – in fact it has really become our pride and joy. If you follow our blog you’ll learn way more than you every wanted to about our little casa like how we updated the kitchen, when we bag our leaves and what we want our guest bedroom to look like. You know, important things.

Chad works here in Durham, and I work in Raleigh. That’s right – I am a work horse and in fact not a show pony.

Thanks for visiting our new baby, we hope you will check in with us often and ask questions or provide feedback on our posts. You can always contact us by leaving comments or directly via trianglehoneymoon@hotmail.com.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. Jenny Chapman says:

    I love your blogging Amy! Can’t wait to see the new kitchen, Matt mentioned the appliances arriving on Monday–So exciting! Let us know if you guys need any help!

  2. Emily Mook says:

    Amy! This is sooo cute – I look forward to trying some of your receipes :) Your house is adorable – I’m always out of town when you have get togethers!

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