Curtain Call

Our little gift from the Target fairy arrived this weekend and we sure are happy that we went ahead and splurged the time and few extra bucks on trading out our 84″ curtains for their 95″ counterparts.

It took almost an hour to iron out some pretty tough wrinkles from four really long curtain panels, but it worked out well because the ironing gave our curtain rods time to dry.

We picked up these from IKEA, but didn’t use the finials.

Spray painting them gold was an inexpensive solution that softened the curtain rod, letting it blend into the wall more so than the harsh black metal rod would have. See what we mean?


We are happy with the results. The color scheme doesn’t make too much sense yet, but we think it will all come together in the end – and we’re one step closer.

What do you guys think? Good call to go long? Thought we’d throw in a nice football reference just in time for playoffs.

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