We Can See Clearly Now

We’ve been shopping around for awhile now looking for  that perfect lamp to include in our guest bedroom.  The lamp featured in our Better Homes and Gardens inspiration photo, check that out here, is the Zak lamp by Crate and Barrel.

As much as we love the Crate and the Barrel we didn’t love the $229 price tag attached to the the Zak Lamp.  With no luck finding a copy cat at Target, Home Goods or World Market we started thinking more creatively.

It only took a few minutes to realize that we could make one of these puppies pretty easily – so that’s exactly what we did.

How’d we do it?

Step One: Find a vase that you can flip upside down and drill a hole through. We already had a drill bit specially made for glass and tile, and we picked up a large glass vase for $7.99 from T.J. Maxx.

Step Two: Once you’ve drilled through the vase, run a clear wire through the vase and out the the top of the hole you’ve drilled and attach a socket set to the wiring. We secured our socket set into the hole we drilled and reinforced it with super glue. The socket set and wiring cost $5 for both at True Value.

Step Three: Attach your shade and light bulb.  We used the lamp shade off our living room floor lamp and then bought a larger shade for the floor lamp. A small shade will run you about $10.

For less than $25 we made our own version of the Zak Lamp that looks just as lovely. It is a more appropriate size for where it sits in the room – and we’ll be able to buy groceries for the rest of the month. Score and score.

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3 Responses to We Can See Clearly Now

  1. Aunt Robin says:

    The talents and creativity of you both astound me. It’s beautiful!

  2. Karen says:

    I love the lamp! What a savings and just as nice or nicer than the Zak. Quick question…did you make a notch on the bottom of the lamp for the cord to be guided through so that it can sit flat on the table?

    Thanks! And I love your blog!

    • Chad and Amy says:

      Thanks Karen! You know, we didn’t do that but may go back and do so. The lamp sits up on the corner of our armoire and the cord is able to dangle over the edge unseen, but it would be pretty quick to add a 2nd hole in the base to allow the cord to pass through which would be necessary to me if it were next to the bed or in a more high traffic area. Thanks again!

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