Ants Marching

Last week we clued you in on just a few of our nicknames for the pups, relive all of that here. Today, we’re sharing one of Chad’s nicknames for me – “the ant.” Not as romantic as you’d expect right?

This somewhat lackluster nickname came about shortly after moving into the casa, when Chad realized that if I do in fact want an item moved to another location of our home I will get it there. Regardless of size, weight or assistance.

He first called me an ant after coming home from work one day to find an armoire in a completely different room of the house than it had started that morning. We also succesfully carried a really heavy ping pong table down to the basement together one day. Sounds simple but it was REALLY heavy. 

The moral of the nickname? I (in Chad’s eyes) can carry twice my weight when properly motivated. For ants it’s food, for me it’s furniture.

Earlier this week the ant struck again.

You guys are well aware by now that we are trying to gussie up guest bedroom number one. We’ve built a quick and easy headboard, seen here, and ditched our old paisley sheets and bed skirt, seen here. Our next step was to rearrange the remaining furniture and even remove some pieces from the room.

Both of our guest bedrooms have become dumping grounds for furniture that we are not sure where to put or sure if we even want to keep around. The room we are working on first was getting a bit crowded – and trust us you don’t even want to see the other room yet.

Here is an artist’s rendering of how the room started out.Looks good right? You can see that we have a dresser right next to the entrance to the room. In real life it looks something like this when you walk down the hall – blocking the entire view into the room, making it seem much more small and crowded than it really is.

We love this dresser; it was actually Chad’s as a kid and one of the only pieces of furniture he brought into this marriage. This dresser, a desk chair and a tiled coffee table all hail from casa de Chad, pre-Amy.  It deserves a better place in the room than just being in the way.

Here’s the new plan. A little more open, minus one honkin’ desk.

So how am I going to pull the switcheroo with Chad at work? One word: blankets. 

Let me preface the remainder of this post with the disclaimer that I am in no way a professional and this may hurt you if you are not careful. We and Triangle Honeymoon the blog cannot be held responsible for any injury to person or property for following these instructions. It is just what worked for me and I’m telling the story. Do so at your own risk. However if you do so and your room arrangement turns out awesome-ly – we’re happy to hear it!

Back to business – I use the slick wood floors to my advantage while being careful not to scratch or damage them by throwing a thick blanket under the furniture legs. Then I drag, pull, push or do whatever I need to do to safely get the furniture into its new place in the room. 

In the case of Chad’s dresser, I didn’t have far to go so I only put the blanket under two of the legs and then lifted the other end (with my legs not my back) and pulled it into the corner. Removing the contents and dresser drawers made a big difference in the weight department, just a tip.

That honkin’ desk had to vacate the corner in order to make room for the dresser. So he now lives across the hallway in the second guest bedroom. Lucy enjoyed checking out all the scooting.

The finished product is a guest bedroom with much more breathing room and a more attractive entry.

Looks a little bland right now, tan, tan and tan – but we’ve got big color and pattern plans ahead so stay tuned.

Are you guys rearranging things in your home right now? Got a success story to share? Give us a shout. Until then, happy scooting.


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One Response to Ants Marching

  1. CC says:

    My mother always told me I was freakishly strong for my size. I think it’s more like freakishly determined.

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