Reader Shout Out: Rug Shrugs

One of the best aspects to starting a blog is all the fellow bloggers you meet with similar interests. Blogging gives you the opportunity to build a little network that’s useful when you need feedback on, say – your living room rug?

We’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” Wendy through cyber space and this little lady just finished up a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c living room decor adventure. Here’s how she started. Cute pup right?

She’s (Wendy, not the pup) ripped up the carpet to make way for beautiful new wood floors and has added lots of fun accessories and pops of color throughout the room.  We have to admit that we are both absolutely green with curtain envy. Look at those guys!

In all her decorating success, Wendy is still a bit hung up on the all-important rug decision. She’s considering a Chevron style, something like this, which we think could be awesome.

Wendy asked our opinion on the rug dilemma and we each came up with a suggestion.

Chad: Our living room rug from World Market. Seriously, I pick ours.

Amy: Yellow could really make some of her awesome pillows stand out. I would try the Andalusia rug from West Elm.

No matter what Wendy chooses we know that it will look great, she seems to have a knack for decorating and doesn’t need our two cents. We just hope she sends pictures after deciding what to do.

Have you got a design decision to make and want some feedback from amateurs? Opinions are free around here so send your pics our way! Want to check out another reader’s awesome room makeover, click here. View this reader’s personally perfect living room here.

Wendy’s Photos: A Southern Accent; Rug Photos: West Elm

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One Response to Reader Shout Out: Rug Shrugs

  1. Penelope says:

    Ooh, the rug you suggested is awesome!

    I thinking blogging/online communities are the greatest for sharing advice and tips! I’m loving your blog.

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