By The Numbers: Our Kitchen Updates

We’ve gotten lots of questions from readers about our new kitchen, especially since it’s debut on Apartment Therapy. One of the most common questions has been “how much did it all cost?” So grab your measuring tape and your calculators ’cause here we go.





Stainless Steel Refrigerator, Gas Range, Dishwasher and Microhood: $ 1,550 ($2,400 minus the $450 we recouped by selling our old appliances on Craigslist and $400 in Mail in Rebates)

Installation of Dishwasher and New Gas Line for Range: $ 400

Butcher Block Counters:  $ 470 ($365 for 2 counters from IKEA, $30 for new corded drill, $45 drill bits, saw blade, caulk and sandpaper, $30 for Waterlox sealant and supplies)

Plumbing: $325 ($170 faucet, $130 sink, $25 for PVC pipe, plumbers putty and a new disposal ring)

Tile Backsplash: $ 50 ($35 subway tiles and $15 in supplies)

Crown Molding: $200 (including $30 nail gun rental)

Cabinet Hardware: $17

Paint and Supplies: $35

Light Fixtures: $120 ($35 for each pendant light and $25 for each track light)

Window Coverings: $142 (3 Bamboo Shades at $28 each and one for $58)

Desk Area: $85 ($48 desk, $7 mirror and $30 lamp)

Miscellaneous Décor: $75 (rug, photo frames, thrift store accents)

Grand Total: $ 3,469 (honestly, we’d round up to $3,500 just to account for that run to Lowes for an extra tube of caulk,etc.)

It took a little over four months to finish up all our projects.  Spreading them all out over that time saved us a lot of money on labor, allowed us to shop around for great deals and to pay cash for everything – no plastic allowed. Plus, we’ve developed a good base of tools which cut down the extra expense for items like caulk guns, putty knives, saws, etc.

Sure there were things we could have done with more money like rip out the cabinets, knock down the wall to the dining room, reconfigure the whole kitchen to allow us to buy a bigger refrigerator and build an island, or bring in hardwood floors.  Instead, we moved a lot of decorative items in from other areas of our home and worked within the existing flooring and cabinets – and saved big dollars in the end. Plus we love the result – staying true to the casa.

But enough about our cocina. What have you guys been up to? Any thrifty DIY-ers out there tackling the world one room at a time?

Photo: Sesame Street

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2 Responses to By The Numbers: Our Kitchen Updates

  1. Lauren says:

    Your kitchen looks awesome! I recently redid my counters, added a backsplash and put in a deeper sink in my kitchen. The saving grace to keep my project within a reasonable price range for me ($500) was the Surplus Warehouse over in North Durham off of Avondale Dr and I85 and the fact that my dad was able to help me with the installation, which kept labor costs down (can’t beat free!). So if you don’t know about this place definitely check it out before you head to another big box hardware store. Especially if you’re looking for some ways to keep yr cost low.

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