Goodbye Paisley

Now that the cocina is all wrapped up, we’ve moved our attention to one of our two guest bedrooms.  A few months ago we spotted a colorful image from Better Homes and Gardens that has become the inspiration for our blank slate. Need a refresher? Check out that post here.

Our first step to add some big color to the room was our DIY upholstered headboard. Unfortunately our bedding didn’t exactly match – okay so it didn’t match at all.

Luckily there were no tears shed over shedding our five year old purple paisley sheets from Wal-Mart.  Lucy ate the matching comforter last year anyways, which led us to pick up a basic white number from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Flash forward to today and it’s bright white all over.

Nothing too fancy but definitely a start. We plan to add some punchy pillows to add even more color, something on the wall and of course some accessories on the table beside the bed which was just relocated from our master bedroom (more on that soon).

Anybody else out there sprucing things up in the new year? Anybody have a dog that will eat anything? Want to see what else Lucy’s eaten? Check out a post about that here.

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One Response to Goodbye Paisley

  1. Katie says:

    It’s coming together and really looking great! I can’t wait to see the finished bedroom.

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