Lucy Lou and the Great Outdoors

Our pups have lots of nicknames like, mama’s little stink bugs, b-man, fartin’ barton (too much to share?) and Lucy Lou.  Notice the different spelling – although ours is equally fierce and ninja-like.

Lucy is especially fierce when it comes to her domain – the backyard.  Both pups spend a lot of time in the backyard which is one of the things we love about the casa.  The two of them get so darn excited when we head out to the yard with them. They’re like kids showing off their room to guests – “here’s my stick” and “here’s my ball” and “here’s my dead squirrel”. We’re not joking about the squirrel – but of course didn’t pull out the camera for that one.

Lucy shouldn’t be so proud of her “room” though. She’s a little rough on things out there – and it’s definitely her, Barton just digs holes to lay in.

Exhibit A: the gutter spout and splash guard

Unfortunately we couldn’t grab the camera in time to catch her actually lapping up water from the gutter she destroyed.










We wonder how tough a choice this was for her. Tennis ball or gutter spout? Which do I eat? Both are tempting.










A couple of minutes, a reattached gutter, and seven bucks at True Value put everything back to normal. The trip to True Value was for the splash guard. We had one of those too but who knows where it went – she probably ate the thing.

The new one has managed to stick around for a couple of weeks so we’re making progress.

Exhibit B: mysterious purple baby pool

We didn’t even know there was a purple baby pool hiding under our storage shed, until Lucy pulled it out into the center of the yard one afternoon – like magic. She has since chewed a hole through it.

Exhibit C: outdoor power outlets

We are really working hard to stop this habit. These are the plugs on our screened porch which used to have protective plastic covers. Obviously we don’t want her to hurt herself –  not to mention that these things have got to be super fun to replace.



















If she wasn’t so darn cute we’d have a real problem on our hands. Maybe we should start a new blog called, S*@! Our Dog Tears Up.

Lucy Liu Photo: IMDb

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2 Responses to Lucy Lou and the Great Outdoors

  1. Jenny Chapman says:

    Lucy and Beau could have a joint blog :) We could title it S*@!… to leave it open for the new places Beau likes to leave it and for what we say when he destroys the kitchen trash all over the downstairs :) Gotta love ’em!

  2. I give my dog nicknames too. He probably doesn’t even know his real name anymore. It’s really Rocco, but he gets called Wee Dog, Luise, Sir Humpsalot (don’t ask) . Those in caught in the act pics are hysterical!! My pup isn’t as big, but he’s always into some mischief! Here’s his pic…

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