Reader Shout Out: Cold to Cozy

Jessica is a small town girl living in the big city now (somebody cue some Journey, ASAP) and per her blog, My Humble Abode, is getting used to apartment living in Philly.  She has done an outstanding job so far, making the master bedroom in her tiny home a warm and cozy retreat – something we are about to embark on ourselves.

Here’s her before shot:

It’s pretty nice – all the sateen fabric does remind me a bit of my parent’s bedroom when I was a kid but not too shabby – until you see the after shot.

Beautiful, yes? We love the white duvet. Unfortunately, with two pups we can only handle them in the guest rooms.

The real star of the room is the lovely Skyline upholstered headboard they picked up from Amazon.  It really takes the room to a luxurious level and it’s not nearly the splurge you’d expect.

Moving the bed to the opposing wall with two windows really brightened things up too, letting the sun reflect off all the white bedding. The black and white photos hanging above the bed give the room a classy but personal vibe that we also love.

Jessica did a super job – and hope that our green monster (AKA Master Bedroom) comes out half as well whenever we get moving on it.

We love seeing what you guys are up to, so keep sending us your projects, ideas, crafts and renovation pics to We’ll share as many as we can to keep those inspiration juices flowing.

On a side note, our weekly Durham Magazine blog feature is up after a holiday break and is throwing a little love to our first room redo. You guys saw the cocina first but it you’d like a little rewind check it out here.

Photos: My Humble Abode

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One Response to Reader Shout Out: Cold to Cozy

  1. Katie says:

    That room looks awesome! She did a great job.

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