Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday

What’s a new year without a new calendar – or Godfather reference? Luckily you’re getting both today.  Chad and I recently put together a colorful little monthly calendar for our kitchen desk area and thought we’d share the “what day is today?” love. Full disclosure: our inspiration come from an old Young House Love calendar, want to give credit where credit is due.

If you click on the photos they will take you to the PDF file of our calendar that you can download and print for yourselves.  If you want to edit the text before printing, download it in Microsoft Word here. You may also need the font we used courtesy of Font Squirrel. Get that here, it’s free.

What are these crazy calendar sayings you ask? Well they are lyrics from some of our favorite songs – either separately or together. September has Chad Whited written all over it.

The bolded black dates are the holidays that are useful for us to remember, but you can tweak yours to reflect whatever you celebrate or to add birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

You may have noticed a couple of Lyle references in the calendar. The first is in May, which is the month we got married, but the real brownie points go to those who caught another Lyle song in June. Chad loves it, but honestly parts of it make me cringe a bit – only because I hate when people talk in the middle of songs. Watch the video and let us know what side you fall on.

Curious about what lyrics didn’t make the cut?  Here are some we thought about, laughed about and even argued about a bit:

  • here i am, rock me like a hurricane (totally should’ve used this!)
  • one life, with each other (too mushy)
  • just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in (too Lebowski)
  • the road goes on forever and the party never ends (too cliché)
  • when i see you, a blanket of stars covers me in my bed (too mushy)
  • so fresh and so clean clean (too Senior year)
  • you don’t have to watch Dynasty, to have an attitude (okay, so Chad never saw this one, I just thought of it)

Anyone else still love a good paper calendar? Anyone have some great lyrics to suggest or an unhealthy Lyle Lovette obsession?

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One Response to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday

  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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