Crate and Barrel at Southpoint – OMG!

So yesterday’s phone conversation went something like this.

Amy: Hey guess what!?

Chad: What honey?

Amy: I almost wet myself when I pulled into the mall parking lot a second ago.

Chad: Okay, uh why?

Amy: They opened a Crate and Barrel at Southpoint. It just popped up overnight! I almost texted you earlier to say “OMG Crate and Barrel at Southpoint!” Then I realized that you probably wouldn’t care.

Chad: OMG? Really, you were going to type that? And you’re right I wouldn’t have cared. But I am glad you’re so happy about it honey.

Amy: I’m going to pop in before I come home so it might be awhile. Oh wait, I’m driving by now and it’s not open yet. The lights are on but there is nothing inside yet. I can’t wait! Okay, so I guess I’ll be home in a minute.

Obviously Chad doesn’t share my love for the Crate, the Barrel or sarcastic uses of text talk but I am pretty stoked to have a CB store about 2 miles from the casa. That’s right – stoked.

Photo: Crate and Barrel

Update: Just received an e-mail from CB that their Crabtree Valley Mall location is closing on January 23rd. Just when I thought I was going to have the Raleigh and Durham CB hook-up!

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8 Responses to Crate and Barrel at Southpoint – OMG!

  1. Julie M. says:

    …and I am also told that the new building behind the movie theater is going to be an IMAX theater. Not nearly as exciting as C&B, but still a nice add to the mall! :)

  2. Robin says:

    Wow!!! That is soo awesome to have one so close! Is that a photo of the new one or just a stock photo? Is it that big? Is it where the old halloween store used to be?

    • Chad and Amy says:

      That is a stock photo from Crate and Barrel’s website, but I think that the new store is going to around 25,000 square feet and will have furniture and the whole nine yards. I am not sure where the halloween store was, it is right next to Urban Outfitters by the movie theater though. Can’t wait!

  3. Jenny Chapman says:

    I saw this building going up a couple of months ago and thought it resembled an awful lot like a future C&B! Matt & I’s convo went similarly…should have called you instead :)

  4. Wendy says:

    I know – can’t wait!!! I think it’s supposed to open in the spring??? Now if we could only get an IKEA, my heart would be filled with shopping giddiness!

  5. Katie C. says:

    Wait – I was just there and didn’t see it. Where the heck is it?

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