Light The Way

Another minor kitchen improvement for you this Wednesday afternoon. This week we’ve added some cheapo LED spot lights for big impact in our kitchen.

Certain spots under our cabinets have long been dark and dreary. Now that we’ve added some fun art work to jazz up our counters we thought it fitting to highlight those items with their own little lights.

Enter four LED spot lights from Home Depot. The cost? $14.99 for a pack of two, and they come with the batteries. We were not about to hassle with under cabinet wiring and plugs, especially since we’re working with 60-year-old cabinets.

The lights attach to the base of the cabinet with small round Velcro patches which we’ve used, but I’m thinking we’re going to switch to the small screw mounting also included for added strength. We havent’ had one fall yet but that would be no bueno should it happen.

We only really needed two for our counters, one on each side. But instead of taking the second pack back we’re trying them out under our open shelves on the other side of the cocina. 

The only downside? We have to hop up on a stool to click these off and on, but they are mostly for effect when we entertain, so that shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

One of us is off work for the next two days, so look for all the deets on our new kitchen sometime this weekend. Plus don’t forget to comment here, to get your name in the kitty for our dsolv yard bagging system giveaway – who doesn’t want a clean lawn for the new year?

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One Response to Light The Way

  1. Amy says:

    I’m going to try these out this weekend! We too have wanted more kitchen light but didn’t want to mess with electrical wiring. Muchas gracias and Happy New Years if I don’t talk to you before!

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