New Year, New Leaves, Something FREE!


Just in time for those New Year’s lawn care resolutions, don’t even pretend you guys don’t have them, we’ve got an awesome freebie for one lucky Triangle Honeymoon reader!

You’ll remember our Stonehenge of paper lawn bags from earlier in the fall.

At the time those leaves were overwhelming. Today we’d kill for that sun.

In preparation of the mess that will be left behind when this winter wonderland thaws, we’ve scored ourselves a dsolv disposable lawn waste system

And when we say scored – we mean just that. The awesome team at dsolv felt my paper bag pain and offered up a dsolv starter set for free – no strings attached. Well of course, we attached some strings by asking for one for you guys too and they agreed!

Here’s how you use it:

Don’t do what we did and unsnap the ring before sliding it into the mesh baggie. It becomes a bit more difficult when you don’t read follow instructions.  Of course once we got our heads on straight this handy little tool made bagging easy as pie. Even pine straw didn’t slip through this Fort Knox mesh, which is also completely compostable by the way.

Can it get better? Yes, by way of this little green handle thingie that allows you to hook multiple mesh bags together and carry them all to the curb at once. Genius.

PRIZE: One dsolv Starter Kit. Courtesy of our friends at dsolv.

HOW TO WIN: Visit dsolv’s website and then leave a reply to this post telling us what your real new year’s resolution is this year. If it’s really your lawn, that’s cool but it won’t up your chances for winning.

GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday, December 31st at Midnight, EST.

TECHNICAL STUFF: One entry per person please, we’ll pick the winner via over the weekend and announce the winner Monday morning.

Thanks again to our friend’s at dsolv for being so awesome! New disclosure: we were totally gifted in exchange for this giveaway but we gladly accepted their offer to perk our readers at the same time. Plus, our lawn will never look better. Score, score and score.

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7 Responses to New Year, New Leaves, Something FREE!

  1. Destiny says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to make myself healthier by eating more fruits and veggies, losing weight, and exercising more.

    Of course being able to clean up the yard faster would be much appreciated and give me more time to focus on the garden veggies!

  2. Lauren says:

    Love it! New year’s resolution: don’t eat until I hate myself – a common occurrence around our house at the holidays.

  3. Rebecca says:

    My resolution is to get DH and I into shape and get our lives more organized/clean inside and outside the home!

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    My new years resolution really is yard related. We have a sad little patch of grass/dirt at our rental home that needs some help. I don’t spend enough time outside because I don’t like looking at it.

  5. Penny says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to make mom’s life easier. The concrete blocks we lined the edge of her driveway with have helped keep some of the neighbor’s leaves out of her yard, but the dsolv kit would make her raking and bagging easier (when we can’t be there to help her with it). It’s a good thing we didn’t know about it earlier and wrap it up for Christmas, she might not have appreciated it as much as her gift card for lunches/bread puddings at Nordstroms! Thanks for the heads-up on the handy bagger. We’ll give it a try!

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