A New Place for Pints

Don’t worry Shawn – we’re not dreaming of ending our weekly ritual of pint night at Tyler’s. We’re only referring to the new home for our pint glass collection – for which you are partly responsible.

You guys might remember from checking out this post, that we relocated our once dish-cabinet from the kitchen to the living room in order to make room for our new desk and chair.  But we haven’t shown you any pics of where the cabinet ended up until now.

We love our rustic little cabinet, which is really an old pie safe that Amy’s mom gave her to help stock one of her first apartments.  It used to be unfinished pine and have little wooden hearts attached to the wire windows.  Amy’s mom ripped the hearts off (sounds harsh we know…) and gave it a nice coat of stain so that we can enjoy the awesome cabinet that we have today.

The items we’ve placed on top are basically just things that we love. The framings are: a Big Bend, Texas poster, a Ray Lamontagne concert poster, the photo strip from our wedding photo booth – that you also see every time you check out the bloggity blog, and a picture of all the guys holding their letters on med school match day.

We just balanced the white frames on each side and also added touches of green with a candle and some tree trimmings.  The shell was picked up on a recent trip to Virginia Beach.  We had everything on hand meaning zero dollars were spent which always looks good to us.

Psst! Our Durham Magazine weekly blog feature is up today, they’re chatting up our White-d Elephant Christmas Party. Enjoy reliving the experience here.

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