Local Love: Spoonflower

My crush on creative cyber-outlets started when I discovered Etsy a few years ago.  That love only grew when I stumbled upon Spoonflower last year – and I almost wet myself when I realized that they are based right here in Durham!

This means that not only will my next order arrive faster than you can say “fat quarter” but I also got a little live and in-person tour at their open house last week.  Never heard of ‘em?  Well grab your crafty hat and listen up. 

Spoonflower makes it super-easy to design, print and even sell your own fabric designs. 

The best part? It’s really inexpensive. 

Sound complicated? Nope, it’s easy peasy. You can even download and use a regular old picture off your camera.  If you do get stumped their website has lots of FAQ’s and additional technical support if needed.

Want options?  Once you design your fabric you can order it, create something awesome and be done with it. Or you can sell your designs on their website to other crafty guys and gals.  

Spoonflower even holds contests for designers to enter based on the theme of their design. We have to give a shout out to this week’s contest – it’s all about the pooches!

Computer geek? Spoonflower uses digital textile printers which are basically large-format inkjets specially made to handle fabric.  When I visited the printing room, there were also humidifiers constantly running to keep the printing clean and the fabric unwrinkled.

Eco chic? Spoonflower prints with water-based pigment inks and uses natural fiber textiles.  No crazy chemicals here.

Thanks for the tour Stephen – and for letting us blog about it. But more importantly thanks for your ingenious company that has allowed us to print just the fabric we needed for our inspired guest bedroom.  You’ve got some repeat customers on your hands!

Are you guys feeling inspired?  What would you print on your custom fabric? Would you sell it to the masses or keep it in your own casa?

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