Caulk This Way…

You know we couldn’t let a week go by without a 1980’s pop culture title or reference to soon-to-be American Idol judge Steven Tyler. Give us some credit.

Earlier in the week, after a long night of running back and forth to the Home Depot, we finally had our crown molding up in the kitchen. Here’s where we left things.

No bueno for real.  But after a few more hours of sanding, caulking and painting this evening we’re now in a much happier place.

It looks so nice that we just want to stand in the kitchen and look at it.  You know you’re house proud when you refuse to leave a room.

We’ll get all the do’s and don’ts, supply lists, etc. up for you this weekend in case you’re looking to tackle some crown molding in your home.  All we’ll say for now is be prepared to test your patience.  This is sometimes a struggle for us. I know I must have asked about four times if we really had to use Liquid Nails just because I was tired of beading it along the edges of each piece.

If we had paid the pros to come in, it would have saved a lot of time and sanity and we’d likely still be refusing to the leave the kitchen.  But our inner DIY demons just had to know if we could do it ourselves. Despite the moments when we were both afraid we were going to have to rip it all down and call somebody, we’re happy we DIY-ed this one.

The better news? This means that we’ve scratch numero uno off our end of the year to do list!

  1. Kitchen crown molding.
  2. Bulbs for Spring.
  3. Repair sawed-off shelf.
  4. Trim and caulk kitchen.
  5. Trim and caulk office shelves.
  6. Fix our toasted siding.

Did you notice that number four is done-sies too?  That’s the great part of having all the supplies for crown molding all pulled out. It forces you to address other similar projects. So with caulk gun in hand, we tacked the backsplash edges, cabinet corners and other areas that had been neglected since our laminate to butcher block presto chango.

So wethinks that a photo shoot of our final kitchen updates is fast approaching, so keep an eye out for that before we say goodbye to 2010.  In the meantime say hello to 1986.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 Responses to Caulk This Way…

  1. Turned out okay for a finish nice work!

  2. shelley says:

    looks so good! I’m amazed that you guys were able to do it by yourselves. Scott doesn’t know how to do math and I don’t have the patience to cut those angles…so we had to defer to Ramone The Magician, who apparently can do a whole house in 20 minutes. Kudos to you!

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