All We Want For Christmas Is Our Crown Molding

A couple of weeks ago we posted our to-do list of things to accomplish before the end of 2010, for a re-cap click here. Numero uno on that list is to hang up the strips of crown molding that have been living in our carport for a few months.

Well, that’s exactly what we did this weekend.  The after shots aren’t quite ready yet. There is some trim spackle drying as we speak type and sanding, caulking and painting to be done.

But in the true spirit of the DIY process we thought we’d share a few progress shots.  We’ll post a full explanation of what we did start to finish a bit later this week including what tools worked and which didn’t.

In the meantime let’s just say that cutting with a circular saw was a bust, we lost a piece or two of pretty expensive molding learning that lesson and if you don’t have a fancy mitre saw, the best tool you can use for this project is an inexpensive mitre box and a hand saw.

After all the cutting drama was over, a little frustrated, we started nailing the molding to our walls and ceiling. If you’ve ever done this yourself with a nail and hammer – please spill your secrets to us. It only took about five minutes and about a dozen F-bombs for us to see that a rented nail gun was in our future.

Two hours, one trip to the Depot, a stop at Jimmy Johns and $40 later we had all our beautiful crown molding out of the carport and up in the kitchen.  For our first try it isn’t perfect but we think the imperfections can be overcome with a little spackle, paint and elbow grease.  We’ll let you see how it turns out later in the week. Until then you’ll find us here:

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2 Responses to All We Want For Christmas Is Our Crown Molding

  1. Julie M. says:

    We just put crown molding up around all the rooms downstairs (including kitchen). We left it to the pros this time because of 1) the scope and 2) with young ‘uns around we can’t have too many f-bombs flung around during the process. :) Your kitchen is looking awesome!

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