Our Little Corner of the World

Finishing up all the final details in our kitchen has been fun, especially now that we are less in the construction phase and more the decorating phase. It has gotten a bit trickier than expected as we start to look at how we really use our kitchen – namely the area around the back door.

After taking a long hard look at this little corner of the world we’ve decided to make a switcheroo. We did have an old pie safe in the corner.  Its wire windows helped display our brightly colored Fiesta dishes.

Because we wanted this before shot to be honest and accurate, we’ll also show you the dog bowls by the back door as well as Chad’s long board. Yes, my husband rides a skate board.

We’ve come to realize that this little corner is pretty prime real estate. Here’s what we should be using it for:

  • Air flow. The only vent in our whole kitchen is in the floor under this cabinet. We’ve kept it closed for the last year which redirects the air and heat elsewhere. Now that the weather is turning chilly we’ve realized how cold our kitchen can get. No more.
  • Dumping ground. Our back door gets a lot of traffic and we both need an easy place to toss our keys, my purse and Chad’s man purse lunch box, a white coat or jacket, doggie leash, etc.
  • Lighting. This corner of our cocina gets a little gloomy which makes the kitchen look smaller than it really is.
  • Clean dishes.  We love our dish cabinet, but the wire openings really makes it hard to keep the dishes we don’t use every day clean. With only two of us in the house we only use a couple of plates and bowls a day. That means about 95% of our dishes are dust magnets. Gross.

Here’s our new corner.

Here’s what we did:

  • Bought an assemble-yourself table from IKEA for $45.99.  Behind the Scenes: we almost walked out of the store with a $99 stainless steel table top but inadvertently passed white table tops on the way to the cashier which were only $5.99.  As great at the steel would look, this was an $93.01 no brainer. Chad does enjoy the irony that our new table’s cheapo top bares a striking resemblance to the countertops we just ripped out.
  • Painted our garage sale mirror from blog days of yore a bright white gloss to match our cabinets.  It weighs about 50 pounds so we didn’t hang it on the wall and are instead leaning it.  Hope we don’t get what we paid for with that table top.
  • Brought in a thrift store wooden chair, which used to grace our dining room table before we switched them out for wicker IKEA chairs a la Sarah Richardson.
  • Added a fun bright red table lamp from Carolina Pottery.  Behind the Scenes: We picked up a bling-tastic mercury glass lamp at Home Goods last week, but it failed it’s tryout. It’s now auditioning for a new role in our living room. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t mourn the dish cabinet though, it’s keeping the lamp company in the living room.  If they make the cut, we’ll post some pics. If the lamp ends up back at Home Goods, we’ll be $40 richer.

Any other furniture re-arranging going on out there?  Anyone else notice that we were able to reference Sarah Richardson, skate boards, man purses and bling all in the same post?

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2 Responses to Our Little Corner of the World

  1. P J Freeman says:


    Congrats! Your table looks great and I love the lamp. Did you get the table legs at Ikea? I saw them on Sarah Richardson’s show, but her web-site didn’t say where they could be purchased and I would like to check them out.


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