Reader Shout Out: Sweet Stocking Holders

She’s at it again! My super-creative, artist sister has taken something pretty dumpy looking and made it look fab with just a little time and creativity. Check out her spooky Halloween mantel that we featured in October here.

How she has time to do projects like this with four kiddos blows my mind. But on to the good stuff…

Here’s what she started off with, $1 clearance stocking holders that were anything but attractive.

Looking past the horrible dust brush of a Christmas tree which she ripped out, she painted them and filled the newly adorable stocking holders with foam so that she could easily stick picks of tissue paper and candy canes into the pots.

The monograms are perfect and way more practical for kids. She used their first initial in the center so that it would be easier for them to know which one was theirs.  Although I don’t know how they can see past all these colors and candy.

If you notice a trend in the initials, it’s because these are the same tots that are getting hand-painted cocoa mugs from their Aunt Amy and Uncle Chad in just a few weeks. Lucky ducks.

Yikes! Christmas is just around the corner! But don’t worry you have plenty of time to enter to win free holiday photo cards from Shutterfly. Enter by Thursday night by clicking here.

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