Friday They’re in Love

Over Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of puppy-sitting one of the sweetest dogs ever. It is unfortunate that Lucy didn’t think so.   Annie (or Annie Bananie as I started calling her), took Lucy’s snarls and territorial fits like a champ on Tuesday night- until Chad took Lucy down to Chinatown showing her who alpha dog really was. I did not snap a photo.

The iron fist worked, because by the time Turkey Day rolled around the two were able to hang out in the same room, although Barton and Lucy both made sure to keep a close eye on their new roomie.

By Friday morning they were tag teaming squirrels, and Barton, in the backyard and working toward the common goal of Pup-Peroni.

Lucy even let her new pal in on some duck de-stuffing. Annie Bananie heads home today and we think she might actually be missed by our little brown monster … maybe.

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