Getting A Handle On Things

One of many small steps left in finishing our DIY kitchen mini-makeover, is installing the new drawer pulls we ordered from Overstock a few months ago.  We had been waiting to switch out the old handles until after we decided for sure whether or not to paint the lower cabinets white. Right now our lower cabinets are painted Benjamin Moore Brandon Beige and our upper cabinets are glossy white.

I seem to have lost the argument never really selling Chad on the idea of all white. Plus an interior designer friend agreed with him that the beige lower cabinets made the kitchen more interesting, balanced out the darker floors and would stay cleaner. I should have just painted them while he was at work…

Regardless, as my official concession to the beige I switched out the drawer pulls today.

Simple supplies: Four new vintage-style drawer pulls, drill and bit, fine grit sand paper, wood filler, touch up paint and brush.

Step One: use your drill or a screwdriver to remove the old handle from the inside of the drawer.

Once the old handles were off, we found a fun surprise – four holes in our drawer face. Looks like this is not our drawer’s first rodeo.

Step Two: Before filling in those extra holes we used a larger drill bit to enlarge the holes from our previous handles. Our new “cup” style pulls needed more room to mount onto the drawer face.

Step Three: We then used wood filler to fill in those surprise holes. I just used my fingers to fill in the holes since they were so small and there we so few of them. Once the filler was dry, about fifteen minutes later, a light sanding and coat of touch up paint had us ready for the new hardware.

Step Four: Install the new handles.

Here is where we had our second hiccup of what is a very simple project. When installing the new screws we found that those provided were about 1/4″ too long – meaning every time we pulled the drawer out, the handle would come with it by about a quarter-inch.

No bueno.

So for us we had a Step Five: Drive to Triangle True Value, and then a Step Six: Drive Back to Triangle True Value an Hour Later Because They Were Not Open Yet the First Time We Drove There.

Serenity now.

Once we got into True Value, about 2 minutes, 8 8-32 x 3/4″ machine screws, and $1.12 later we had the new handles easily in place.

Muy bonita – even if the cabinets are still beige.

Anyone else out there tackling something similar? Got an easy peasy project that turned into a step five, six, and seven?

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