Antiques? or Just Old and Expensive?

We stumbled upon some fun and funky stuff (funky in more ways that one… but we won’t share those stories) while in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Check out this post to read about our trip to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market for one example.

Another place we stopped in the Big Apple was an antiques fair in Chelsea. It was close to our hotel and our handy-dandy travel book pegged this place as a definite stop to score a bargain on vintage clothing or things for the home.

Apparently $1,200 for a stuffed sheep is a bargain and $14,000 for a light fixture is a steal.  There were plenty of cool and inspiring items all around the store, but truly the most affordable items we saw were vintage plastic beaded necklaces in a clearance bin for $60 a pop.  Chad had to stop me from whipping out the MasterCard on the spot (insert jk, lol or other signs of cyber-sarcasm here).

At least the $1,200 sheep has lots of thousand dollar animal friends to keep him company – as we fear he may be spending a few more days in the shop. Side note: Barton was free and Lucy cost us one $200 charitable donation – and they are way cooler than the sheep.

Here’s a glimpse into how the vintage-loving, other-half live.

P.S. If you recognize any of these items as super-famous, designer, must-have pieces and find that this cranky post just shows what design nobodies we are (meaning you can prove the sheep is worth more than my car), feel free to share the info. and put us in our place.

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