Goodbye Countertops…

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since we made the big countertop switcheroo, and weeks later we are finally putting the remains of our former laminate monster out to the curb. 

We demolished the old plywood counters ourselves, so haul-away is our responsibility, but with lots of nails poking out from all corners we’ve been reluctant to just toss the pieces to the curb. Would h-a-t-e for the solid waste guy to need stitches, a tetanus shot, or worse – a lawyer on our account.

But on Monday night we snapped.  Do you ever have those moments? You walk past a mess or project you’ve been meaning to tackle for weeks and for some reason at that minute you decide it is the last time. Don’t worry – Chad hammered down all the protruding nails. 

That’s what happened to us, starting as innocently as moving the trash can to the curb. Then we both ran through the carport, AKA dumpster, and just started hauling large items to the curb or storage shed.

It feels great, but in such a motivated state we failed to snap a before shot. There are still some things dwindling like leftover plywood from our headboard project, butcher block from our new countertops that we intend to create a cutting board with, bulbs to plant, soil to plant them in, and a couple of handy pieces of firewood.

On the other side of the carport is the real reason our kitchen isn’t camera ready yet, we’ve got about 5 strips of crown molding waiting to hang – someday soon.

So here’s what’s on our curb as we speak type.

You’ll remember our Craigslist seed spreader died on us earlier in the year, and unless someone saves him from the curb he’s headed for the big lawn in the sky (Update: someone did save the spreader, it disappeared after a couple hours outside, hope they can fix it.). 

You may also notice the box of a not-so-little something we’ve scored for the corner of our guest bedroom – more on that to come.

Any similar spring fall cleaning going on out there? Anyone else afraid that your garbage men are going to start judging you by the amount of crap you toss out to the street?

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