Our Recycling Bin Runneth Over

UPDATE: Score House Beautiful, Country Living, Marie Claire and other magazines for just $6.99 a year for yourself or as an a-w-e-s-o-m-e Christmas gift for someone special.  And isn’t it convenient when that someone has already blogged about which one’s they read but don’t have subscriptions to? Hmmm…  https://subscribe.hearstmags.com/subscribe/crosssite/54639

In an all day cleaning binge on Sunday, we tossed 37 magazines into our recycling bin for Tuesday’s pick-up. They were beginning to take over the house … literally staging a coup. 

We both read quite a bit, but the stacks of paper no longer being read greatly outweighed our favorites. Despite the one way ticket to the recycler, there are a few subscriptions we’ve decided to keep a comin’.

Probably not too hard to tell who reads what huh? We know, we know this is still a long list to fill our mailbox but we actually read these. The Surfer’s Journal only comes bimonthly and Do It Yourself is a quarterly magazine so it’s a bit more exciting when one of those pops up.

Martha Stewart Living is a good standard for recipes, decorating and general home keeping ideas. Her magazine is actually the only one that I save back issues of for future inspiration. Chad holds on to all his Surfer’s Journals and Texas Monthly’s as well – gotta stay up to date on the homeland.

Hard to believe but there are a few subscriptions we’ve sent packing and have not renewed. Smell ya later…

P.S. That Golf Digest cover never actually ran. It was printed days before the Tiger scandal erupted, and was quickly yanked from publication.  Turns out the Pres doesn’t want to learn much from Tiger after all. The cover makes us me giggle so we thought we’d share.

Besides all the regulars there are magazines that we’ll pick up the grocery store if enticed by the cover or when we need some inspiration around the house.

Hate the idea of recycling all these mags? Bring your oldies but goodies to your office break room, the ladies will love picking up a copy of Marie Claire even if it’s a couple of months old and the guys will likely snag a Golf Digest when no one’s looking. Plus it gives them all a second chance at life before the inevitable trip to the curb.

What magazines can you guys not live without? Any thing out there we should be reading (like we need more)? Anything you tried, that was a fail like our my W Magazine?

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2 Responses to Our Recycling Bin Runneth Over

  1. Amanda says:

    Other places such as hospital waiting rooms and the vets office have been more than happy to except previously read magazines -just remove your address label before dropping them off.

  2. Jaime King says:

    Holy crap! I think that’s Baxter on the cover of Country Living…He’s a star!

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