Movie Night Inspiration: Sex and the City 2

Sorry men, but I am going to go there.

I won’t even pretend by saying “we”, because Chad would kill me if he ever had to watch this movie.  And even I will qualify this post with the comment that the only value gained by watching this movie was scoping out the sweet set of Carrie and Big’s Manhattan apartment. Seriously save your Redbox dollar.  Anyhoo, this post fits in nicely with all the NYC love we’ve been sharing this week. Enjoy!

After a little online research I’ve discovered that all of these items are shockingly out of any normal person’s design price range. However they are still beautiful and I’m sure similar, less expensive versions are out there for anyone who is truly inspired.

Favorite pieces? The foyer’s gold-plated light fixture, the dining room light fixture and back-lit shelving and the f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c and huge coffee table.

Even Carrie’s old TV apartment got a glamorous facelift worth sharing. Our guest bedroom needs that rug…

Anyone else out there have a movie or TV house crush? Spill it. Check our another New York nest we heart here.

Photos: HBO

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