House Plant Transplant

We love house plants. We have a pretty decent track record with them – much better than our track record with the outdoor stuff.  Right now we have a baby palm in the master bathroom, which you’ve seen in this post. We also have a couple of ivy plants, one that you’ve seen in our dining room

We’ve decided to try our luck at transplanting today to see if we can spread that green thumb into the kitchen, where all we have is succulents

The donor: the ivy plant from the office.

The recipient: an old flower pot from the shed filled with potting soil.

The procedure: ivy is a bit difficult to decipher. The stems and roots are really interconnected and ours are pretty tangled up. We didn’t want to start this new baby plant off with long vines that would engulf our countertop, so we sought out the small newbies for transplanting.

The result: after locating three contenders we carefully unearthed their roots from the soil, going as deep as we could to remove them, and then just buried them in our new pot. Just add water.

We’ll let you know how it goes and if our new friend in the kitchen thrives or ends up on life support.

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2 Responses to House Plant Transplant

  1. Mom Yancy says:

    Good job at transplanting! The plant is a pothos (sometimes called “devil ivy”) and it is very easy to grow. I think that you will have great success with your new transplants.

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