Hotel Room Inspiration

Remember when you were a kid and LOVED a good stay in a hotel room?  As full-fledged, busy, working grown-ups we’ll admit that some travel and hotel stays have lost their allure.  A recent stay at the Embassy Suites in Winston-Salem, NC wasn’t glamorous by any means but we did manage to snap a few photos of things that do inspire – and could be done to make your home a bit more hotel-like, minus the wake-up calls and nailed down furniture.

Inspiration One:

To save space, install your microwave under the kitchen counter. You can take this a step further by installing one of those new “drawer” style guys.

Photo: Sharp

Inspiration Two:

Switching out your straight shower rod for a curved one adds instant real estate to your morning shower.

Inspiration Three:

Train rack style towel holders give you a place to hang bath towels while also stacking folded towels overhead. Good news? Retailers like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware sell versions that are much more attractive that those you’ll usually find in your hotel room.

Photo: Restoration Hardware

Inspiration Four:

Floral print, waiting room style chairs for the bedroom. Just kidding on this one…

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