Target with a Twist

Target doesn’t get nearly enough props on the ol’ blog so today we’re sending them some TH love. Yet another baby in the picture (for a cousin, not us) sent us registry hunting in one of our favorite stores.

Because we were going to be mailing this gift, we were on the hunt for something small – with potential (you’ll see what we mean in a second).  For a very small number of beans we scored four very cute, very pink bibs that happened to be on the wee one’s registry.

Completely unable to just mail a little pack of bibs to Texas we had to make another stop at Monograms, Inc. in Raleigh’s Seaboard Station to jazz them up a bit.

As a side note – this store is wonderful on its own. You can pick up any gift item for baby or grown up, guy or gal – or bring in your own item and have them monogram it for a pretty good price.

About a week later we had a sweet, registry-requested baby gift for Chad’s new little cousin – with a personal flair. We think sweet Ava will be the envy of all girls at Mommy and Me.

Need more ideas to welcome a new bundle of joy? Check out this post or this post.

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