Late Bloomers

Not us – our planters, well okay maybe us too, or at least one of us… I digress.  Our little sunlight switcheroo last week seems to have worked – or our 2nd mum was just a late bloomer. Either way we  now have two fully blooming mums gracing our front porch. Hopefully they will last long enough to greet trick-or-treaters next week (we don’t have the best track records with plants). Check ’em out.

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4 Responses to Late Bloomers

  1. Russel says:

    when johanna and i drove by your house over the weekend.. i exclaimed “johanna, their second pot of mums is flowering”… to which I received an odd glance… clearly she isn’t as avid a follower as I am

  2. So pretty! Waiting on pins and needles for the grass growth post.

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