Mary Kay Meets Design

We’re all familiar with the home-based sales businesses like Mary Kay Cosmetics and Avon. Avon has gotten notably hipper by snagging spokesgal Reese Witherspoon…


Photo: Beyond Beauty Basics

and Mary Kay still offers the incentive of driving around your very own pink Cadillac.


Photo: Autoblog

Twice last week we encountered two sales consultants for companies we’d never heard of.

 The first was Wine Shop at Home which offers sales persons the opportunity to host wine tastings in people’s homes and commission is earned from the wine sold. Bonus point for them, these parties are way more man-friendly than lipstick or Tupperware.


I will admit that I snagged us a bottle from my host last week – a white Meritage blend. Pretty tasty – sweet – but tasty.


The second company we’ve encountered was what prompted this post the most, a newer company Willow House


Willow House design consultants will host parties in your home and sell decorative accent pieces like these great glass bottles in additional to lots of serving pieces, candle holders, etc.


Admittedly we wonder how many of these businesses stay competitive in today’s internet savvy and Target-filled world. However with so many new ones popping up we thought we throw a little love their way.

Here are some others to check out:



Through it all though our favorite home-based businesses for home accessories come from Etsy. You can seriously get some awesome stuff there, from local people, working mommies, creative college students, etc. all at great prices without having to outbid anyone.


P.S. If you’re a consultant for one of these businesses or have an Etsy shop feel free to comment with a link to your page so that our readers can check our your loot!

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