Tile Cutting Success…Kinda

Adamant against renting or buying a wet tile saw to cut a handful of tiles for our kitchen backsplash, we picked up a handy-dandy handheld tile cutter from (where else) Lowes.

We seldom mind adding an inexpensive and useful tool to our arsenal and this guy was a steal at $7. And making straight cuts in our ceramic tile was super easy.

How it works:

One side of the tool has a metal rolling wheel that scores the slick side of the tile. So you have to mark for your cuts on the slick side. A bit tricky but we recommend using a dry erase marker or pencil to do this.

After scoring the tile with your wheel, you just open the jaws of the cutter, centered on the scored line and apply pressure to break the tile.

It’s a bit tricky, but if you score out the corners you need to cut out and apply pressure slowly you can cut out a corner. Coarse sand paper can clean up the edges and keep everything looking neat. A great and inexpensive solution for a small number of tiles.

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