Floral Minus the Flowers

We’ve got some amigos coming over this afternoon and while cleaning up the casa realized that our dining table was looking a little bare. To be completely honest there usually isn’t much on our dining room table except for the mail, the laptop or the occasion bunch of daisies if Chad is bringing his A-game.

After scrounging some things up from around the house we were able to create a centerpiece from an oversized ceramic platter (Pottery Barn’s Great White collection), a cheapo glass vase we’ve had forever and that julep cup from Charleston.

We finished it off with some branches from the back yard (read: free) and a ceramic flower candle holder that had been living in our half bathroom (you can pick one up here).

The end result is a free centerpiece that is pretty interesting because of all the different heights and finishes for the candlelight to bounce off of. 

The green branches and flower candle holder keep us from missing those Whole Foods blooms we’ve been picking up. Now our dining room matches the beautiful day outside.

Want to see another centerpiece we whipped up with help from the backyard, check out this post.

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