Bigger is Better

Or it is in the case of our pups’ silhouettes… a quick trip to Target and a couple of $19 gallery frames have given our little cutouts a super classy feel.

The new frames obviously fill the vacant wall space much more than our original teeny frames did. Picking up mat-less, clear glass frames also allowed us to go big without weighing the wall down visually and the frames won’t compete with our fireplace.

As clean as the glass frames turned out, they are a bit tricky to get just right. With double pane glass you don’t have the advantage of just popping the picture in and throwing it up on the wall. 

The first step we took was to measure our frame glass and then subtract the dimensions of our artwork to be sure that the images were centered. We secured them with a simple piece of double-sided tape.

Because our frames were going to be hanging so close together and directly above and below each other, we also stacked them on top of one another before hanging them to be sure that our art lined up identically. Nothing would drive me crazier than staring at a two photos that were crooked or didn’t line up. Luckily the first time was the charm. It’s even hard to tell in the photo that both frames are stacked together, but we promise Barton is under there.

Finally we cleaned these puppies up with lots of Windex and added foam backing to the frame’s hardware so it wouldn’t scratch up our wall when hanging.

We’re super-happy with the finished frames and hope that Barton and Lucy enjoy our tribute to them in such a high-profile corner of the house. We think they are already charging for autographs and belly rubs…

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2 Responses to Bigger is Better

  1. Jenny Chapman says:

    Love this!! Maybe I can surprise Matt by doing this as a gift…that way he can’t say no :)

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