A Lesson In Scale

Sometimes the best way to really see your room is to snap a picture of it.  That’s exactly what we did this evening when we weren’t sure about the sizes of our new living room art. 

As you can see we just got our puppy silhouette order in the mail from Cut Arts and were so excited with Karl Johnson’s work that we had to put them on display immediately.

After scouring the closets for frames we already owned the most we could come up with is two black 5×7 frames that I’ve had since my dorm room days. We were worried they were a bit too small to do the silhouettes justice, and after seeing this picture know that we’re right.

Yikes! In the world of living room art we’ve discovered that size does matter.

In the meantime they are staying up because we love them too much to not have them displayed, but we are keeping an eye out for larger, gallery style frames for our new artwork – check out those details! Our pups even have eyelashes!

Admittedly I tried to make these myself a few weeks ago and failed miserably. It proved much easier to e-mail Karl a couple of puppy pics and then find these beauties in our mail box a couple weeks later.

P.S. Karl also cuts beautiful silhouettes live and in person – and you can get yours done at the NC State Fair starting Oct. 14th. Karl will be camped out in the Village of Yesteryear. And husbands, if you have kiddos their silhouettes would be a great Christmas gift for your wife – just sayin’.

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