Parade of Homes

Grandma Whited and I hit up the Triangle Area Parade of Homes this weekend while Chad was on call (thanks for the idea Jaime!), we only made it to a few houses today but the good news is the Parade of Homes lasts the entire month of October so we’ll have plenty of chances to return and gawk at other people’s custom homes.

The houses we checked out today were all at least $800,000 and at least 4,000 square feet. Not too shabby but not quite our idea of a cozy starter home either.  Some let us snap pictures while others made us put little surgical booties on our shoes and banned cameras from inside the house – boo. Here are some photos that we were able snap.

Favorite things? Fantastic light fixtures, wallpaper that doesn’t make us gag, fireplaces in the bathroom, and mudrooms, mudrooms, mudrooms.

Thanks mystery bride and groom for letting us crash your home!

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