Easy Update: Lamp Shades

You guys probably noticed in some of our past posts that our living room is pretty dark once the sun goes down. You can see what we’re talking about in this post or this post

With no overhead lighting in our living area, we’ve discussed installing recessed lights – but in the meantime we thought we’d share the quick, easy and cheap way we added a lot of light to our living room last night.

Our two existing lamps have  a pretty basic shape that works well with our living room decor – so as much as we love scoping out the new lamp styles at Home Goods, we couldn’t bring ourselves to fork up the dough for two brand new lamps.

The shades on our lamps have seen better days though and the brown faux leather was only trapping the light and keeping it from shining across the room where it belongs. Enter one white drum shade from Target and we have instant clear, bright light across our living room.

The picture from our point and shoot camera doesn’t do the new light justice but trust us, it’s an improvement. The drum shape allows light to flow from above the lamp as well as below the shade, and the light color filters the light without holding it back. 

We liked the change in our floor lamp so much so that we decided to switch out the 2nd lamp shade on our side table as well.

Side table note: you’ll also notice the new addition of a spiney sea shell that we picked up while in Virginia Beach last weekend.

Bonus to the added light in our living room? The new drum shades are similar in shape and design to our new dining room fixture and with the two rooms being so open to one another it keeps the look consistent – all without buying new lamps. Instead we just spent twenty bucks and got what feels like two completely new lamps.

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