Feeling Like Fall

The buckets of rain we’ve seen for the past week have caused all the pumpkins at our local Harris Teeter to essentially rot, so we weren’t able to score any on the way home from work today.  Not to be deterred in our quest for fall decorations a quick trip into Michaels and Home Goods (which share a parking lot here) scored us plenty of inspiring items to make our living room a bit more autumnal.

Here’s a before shot of our mantel. Nothing shabby but nothing festive either.

And here it is after Michaels and Home Goods threw up on it.

My favorite addition is the sunshine yellow ceramic owl candle holder. It’s very festive, and owls say fall to me, but it’s also not so obviously that it can’t stick around the remaining 9 months out of the year.  For $8 at Home Goods why not add another ceramic animal to your menagerie?

Even more inexpensively the remaining decorations are just dried botanicals from Michaels purchased for about $3 per bunch.

Gaps were filled in with small pine cones from our front lawn.

The glass vase and candles were already around the house. So in total we spent about $20 to fall into fall (see what I did there, “fall” into “fall”).  This included also picking up a non-spoiled pie pumpkin and a gourd at the Teeter for about a buck each.

These and other little changes we made like adding twigs to our 2 week old hydrangea centerpiece, moving around throw pillows and those faux grizzlys we whipped up earlier in the week, and having rustic snacks on hand make our living room ready for the falling leaves, football watching, and hopefully less rain.

Bring on October!

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One Response to Feeling Like Fall

  1. asouthernaccent says:

    Love it! Just did a Halloween update on my mantel! Love fall!

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