I Wanted to Replace It Anyway

Our half bathroom sink is broken – or at least on life support. We believe that this cast iron, wall-mounted contraption is pretty original to the house. On Sunday, while innocently washing my hands, we discovered that the water wasn’t draining.

And then we heard the splat, splat, splat.

We are leaking from an area of the plumbing that is so ancient I am not even sure what it’s called.  Sorry for the fuzzy photo but you can see the leak in action on the right.

So here is where we find ourselves for now.

The original sink has its charms but it’s so old and rusty underneath that I have secretly been hoping it would just fall off the wall one day and we’d be forced to replace it.  I think that the sink gods are trying to tell us something…  

I see a new shiny, white pedestal sink in our near future – Chad just sees an excuse for a new pedestal sink in our near future.

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4 Responses to I Wanted to Replace It Anyway

  1. Shalon says:

    We are dealing with almost the same thing! The water temperature knobs won’t twist. A visit to Lowe’s and a brand new pedestal sink is waiting in the laundry room to be installed!

  2. Shalon says:

    Yes, we are removing a sink that is identical to the one y’all have up and putting up the new pedestal sink around the 10th!

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