A Beautiful Place to Powder Noses

Now that I have decided it’s time for a new sink in our powder room, my mind is already spinning with ideas on how to take the entire small, boring room up a notch.  Powder rooms are great little spaces to have and can be a fun room to play with decor wise.  While definitely not a requirement in our house hunting, I have to admit that my inner Martha Stewart was psyched to see one when viewing our house for the first time.

The Waterlox in our kitchen is barely dry and the backsplash isn’t even finished, but the fact that our powder room is located right off the kitchen makes me feel better about jumping ahead a bit.  So while there is no shopping list for the powder room until the cocina is wrapped up, my mind is wandering and my hands are Googling. Thought I would share the rooms that are making me swoon.

Photos: House Beautiful

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4 Responses to A Beautiful Place to Powder Noses

  1. Aunt Shirley says:

    My only 2 favorite pics are the first & last one. I’m sorry but the gold striped one has got to go! I like the stripes but not that bold & not on the ceiling! Btw what do you think they were thinking with the glass bottle on the floor next to the toilet in the last pic? Maybe an extra toilet for the guys! lol

  2. Chad and Amy says:

    I really like the fun wallpaper in the first one – or at least something similar. It’s such a small room we wouldn’t need much paper. The gold stripes are a lot to look at. You know I am not sure about that glass bottle…

  3. asouthernaccent says:

    I have that pink black and white one saved for my next home project in our downstairs bathroom. I can’t seem to find the wallpaper anywhere online, so I’m thinking of creating a custom stencil that gives the same effect. But I’m making myself hold off on starting any new house projects until I’ve finished all the ones currently still going!

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