Copy That: A Concrete Dining Room

For those of you who don’t dream of wainscoting, crown molding and china cabinets in your dining room Concrete Wall has come up for a unique solution for you.  The company appears to be based in Norway and specializes in taking high-end photographs of concrete walls and transforming them into chic wallpaper designs – and don’t worry if you’re really interested in one of their papers they will happily arrange shipping to the U.S.

Honestly we would never consider it until catching a glimpse of this room on their website.

For now we’ll keep our wainscoting but do think this would be perfect for one of those condos that’s made to look like a loft but doesn’t quite get there.  Add a faux concrete wall, some IKEA furniture and a unique light fixture and you could be in business.

If you’re really interested in achieving this look – look no more because this little baby inspired our first Copy That post where we pick a room that’s a little out of the box and a lot of fun and show you how you can achieve the same design, hopefully for less dough. Let us know what you think!

1. Wallpaper by Concrete Wall

2. Euro Style Becky Stacking Chair via Amazon

3. NORDEN Table from IKEA

4. Le Klint 172 Pendant by Illuminating Experiences

5. Red Cut Flower Bowl at Debenhams

Got a room for us to tackle? Send it our way and we’ll try to get it posted soon.

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