Five Tips for Small Kitchens

We’re still plugging away trying to finish up our DIY kitchen updates in the next couple weeks. The remaining items to complete range from crown molding to a making a custom wine rack – so stay tuned for more about those final projects and pics of the kitchen all wrapped up and ready for fall entertaining – one of our favorite things!

Because we doubt that many of you want to see photos of our four coats of Waterlox drying, which is what we’ve been up to this week, we thought we’d post some pictures of lovely little kitchens that make the most of their space in case you too are looking for ways to enhance your small cocina.

1. If you can’t look out, look up. Raising the ceiling in a small kitchen could be the perfect way to create visual space and make a cramped room feel more open and airy. Painting that higher ceiling a light color will also help brighten things up.

2. Add glass front cabinet doors to create a feel of added space. Another tip? Paint the inside of those open cabinets a fun color to add interest. The downside to glass front cabinets? You can see everything inside them so you should probably only store things you really love and are proud to display behind glass doors.

3. Same goes for open shelving, which is a great way to create the feel of space and save some moolah by not having to buy new cabinets. One of our readers did exactly this in her recent kitchen renovation. The biggest downside to open shelves – dust.

4. Double up your cabinets to add storage space. If you’ve got the vertical space, use it. It’s not super practical to keep your everyday dishware up there, but using this space to store things that are seldom used like holiday china can be a great solution for a small area.  You also don’t have to go custom to achieve this look, you can easily double up big box cabinets like those you’ll find at IKEA for the same effect.  Yes, these cabinets are really from IKEA.

5. Don’t be afraid of mirrors. Reflecting light and other attractive areas of your kitchen adds space instantly. In the kitchen below, the mirrored backsplash almost makes it look like the kitchen opens up to whole other room – but it doesn’t.

Photos: House Beautiful and HGTV

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