What Color Would You Paint It?

We finally found a use for one of those old frames that had been lying around our basement.

We aren’t really sure what they used to be, but the previous owners saved them for us and we’ve been trying to think of something unique to do with them for some time now.  So tonight I gathered up some supplies, and I swear we really did have all of this in the house – including leftover screen from our back porch. Please ignore the chipped up back stoop, it needs a good coat of paint like our front stoop did.

First I filled in the holes in the frames with Elmer’s Wood Filler. After about fifteen minutes I was able to sand them down and start painting (the frames were a shade of dirty light green).

For what has become the test run, I painted the frames gloss white Valspar Kitchen and Bath paint since this project was soon to be hanging in our master bathroom.

I cut the screen to fit the opening in the frame and stapled it in place. The last task was adding a bar to hang the frame from the wall.

Get it up on the wall and presto, I had my new-to-me, wall-mounted earring holder.

Most of my earrings have long hooks on them so they slide through the screen really easily. Also it will be great to be able to see all my earrings hanging in one place so I don’t forget what I have (plus there is plenty of room to grow – hint hint if you’re reading this Chad).

As you all probably noticed though, the after shot is really “eh.”

In Chad’s words, “It’s really handy, but bland.” He thinks we should paint it a fun color to add some kick to our REALLY boring master bathroom.


Sadly, we only have one other colorful item in our master bathroom to look to for inspiration.  The question to all our readers is this: if this was your earring/jewelry holder do-dad and you also owned this potted plant

What color would you paint the boring ol’ jewelry holder?

I’m also thinking that I am going to buy some small hooks on the cheap and attach them to the frame so I can also hang up necklaces, bracelets, etc.  Those hooks (or knobs) can also be painted up any color.

So spill your ideas guys!

Photo: Paint by Martha Stewart for Home Depot

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4 Responses to What Color Would You Paint It?

  1. Weezer :) says:

    Okay, first I’m betting that those frames were for stretching canvas. Did an artist live there before you guy? Second I would go one of three ways if it was my earring do-hicky :) lol. (1) Either good old red, because I love all things red lol, (2) Red/Tourquoise combo- Paint either the red or blue first them go behind, mask it off and paint the other color for a border (or three or four colors even, or (3)My personal favorite, leave the frame a nice gloss white to match your wood work, then make an enlarged printout of the floral patter on your pot. Lay it behind the screen (if you can’t freehand it lol, but I bet you can) for a template and paint the beautiful bright colored flowers on your screen. You don’t have to do the whole thing, just the corners would work well, just use a dry brush and small amounts of paint at a time so you don’t glob it into the wholes and clog it up. A border of painted flowers would be pretty with the center lightly painted tourquoise blue or yellow as a solid back ground to set off the earrings. Or paint the flowers on the frame and go with a solid color screen (I guess that’s 4 lol) Good luck!

  2. Sara says:

    I love the idea. I may use it myself if you do not mind. . I would leave the frame white and paint a rectangle of turquoise on the wall behind the screen. Make it about 2 inches wider (all sides) than the frame.

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