Taming the Sink Clutter

Our former, slightly grungier kitchen sink area was a constant clutter collector. We had the bamboo dish rack, the hand sanitizer (which was always confused for soap), the actual soap in an aluminum dispenser from Pottery Barn that turned a funny color the first time it got wet (not a good sign in a liquid soap dispenser), a giant bottle of dish soap, a sponge laying directly on the counter and no catch-all for items like rings that might need to be removed at the sink. Nevermind our tomato collection, those were devoured long ago.

It doesn’t look too bad here in the before shot, we tried to tidy up a bit before sending a photo into cyberspace. Either way there was really no designated place to keep steel wool pads, sponges or other items without getting water, soap or other messes all over our countertop and around the sink.

With our new and improved sink area we have vowed to be a bit more tidy in our house keeping. The first and largest changed was the move from a drop-in sink to an under mounted one. Now we can just wipe any mess from the countertops straight into the sink for easy cleaning.

Another great improvement was to install a mounted liquid soap dispenser. The new brushed nickel fixture is made for wet areas and won’t get groady like our once-beautiful aluminum Pottery Barn dispenser.

Then we headed to Target for a sink organizer and found these handy-dandy options.

Forgive us for being cheap but $15.00 was a bit more than we wanted to spend to keep a soapy mess off our new countertops. $8.59 was okay but the organizer had a lot of nooks and crannies that could get annoying to keep clean – the exact problem we were trying to fix.

So after a little Target brainstorming we decided that all we really needed was something that would meet these needs:

1. fit the small space at the corner of our sink

2. was sturdy and super easy to clean

3. looked great, of course

4. would hold everything we use on a regular basis (dish soap, a sponge and provide a space for rings) and not anything extra that we didn’t use (no need for fancy scrub brush props etc.)

5. wasn’t too expensive (we have $15 bucks but would prefer not to spend it on some thingy to go beside the kitchen sink)

We came up with a very simple solution.

This white ceramic dish was $7.99 in the dishes section of Target. It is the perfect size to fit beside the sink and is still large enough to hold a bottle of dish soap and a sponge or two. We can easily wipe it off or throw it in the dishwasher to keep it clean and if we change our mind later it’s still a great basic dish to have on hand.

It made us a bit nervous to just throw our rings onto the big flat tray, so to solve that problem we scraped out the leftover wax from an old candle on our dining room table and now use the cup to hold our rings when needed.

Talk about groady – check that backsplash out! We’re almost done with the new tile job and will soon be parting with the camouflage glue wall. Pictures arriving soon.

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One Response to Taming the Sink Clutter

  1. Hi there! Came across you blog and immediately recognized that house! I’ve driven by it many times and knew the previous owners, so it was then I realized you are fellow Durham bloggers! Just wanted to say hi and I hope to get to know you via the interwebs!

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