A Welcome Clean-Up

We’ve really been thinking that  Casa de Whited could use a front porch – one that’s wide enough for a swing as well as our rocking chairs.  Unfortunately a porch isn’t in the budget right now, but a free clean-up of our modest front stoop definitely is.

Here’s where we are starting from. Overall our home has been pretty lovingly maintained. The siding and roof is fresh and new, the inside is newly painted and clean. The old dingy concrete stoop really doesn’t give the first impression that we love our home or take care of it very well.

Thankfully a couple of weeks ago a treasure hunt through our storage shed produced a few gallons of leftover exterior paint.

A quick dig through through the basement tool box produced an unused wire brush (originally purchased to tackle the brick wall down there).

A little water, a little cleaning solution and a lot of scraping produced a pretty smooth surface ready to be rolled.

The warm Sunday weather allowed the paint to dry quickly and a second coat to be added within an hour or so.

We’re giving it a couple of days to fully dry before loading it back up with the planters (which were recently replanted)  and welcome mat. 

There’s more to do – see all that scraped paint on the threshold. In the meantime this first and completely free step really brightened up the stoop. 

All those visitors that fall brings, fellow football fans, trick-or-treaters, etc. will know that we love our home and really do care about the first impression it makes.

Want to read more home maintenance tips? Check out our how-to page.

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