Local Love: Askew Taylor Paints

On the quest for the perfect product to finish/water seal our new wooden countertops,  we decided on Waterlox which is a tung oil blended product often used to seal wooden boats in additional to butcher block. When completely cured it is water-safe, non-toxic and ultra durable – according to all we’ve read. When purchasing our quart, the shop owner assured me that it is all “they” say it is and more, he’s been using it for years. He also gave me tons of tips that we’ll try out and report back on later.

After a lot of online research we were sold that this was the product for us, but didn’t anticipate it being so difficult to find. The company’s website reported that we could pick it up at Triangle True Value – score! However, after a quick visit we discovered they don’t carry it in-store but could order it for us. We love TTV but also love instant gratification and thought for sure we could pick it up elsewhere (p.s. it’s NOT sold in Home Depot or Lowes). 

One perk to working in another city from where you live is that you expand your shopping radius which brought me to Askew Taylor Paints on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.

Score, in that not only did the shop owner have one lonely quart on hand in the back room (instant gratification) but I also got to check out an awesome local shop that we otherwise would never have had a reason to visit.

When first walking in the shop I was skeptical that they would have my beloved Waterlox in stock because Askew Taylor’s paints are not home improvement paints – they are legit artist paints. Thankfully my doubts were wrong.

Here are some shots of all the other goodies they keep in stock  in case there are any serious artists out there in need of serious supplies!

The double score? It’s also located next door to my favorite Glenwood Avenue stop, The Cupcake Shoppe – who just happens to also be making their own ice cream sandwiches now too. Triple score.

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4 Responses to Local Love: Askew Taylor Paints

  1. Weezer :) says:

    Oh my….where in the world will you ever find a serious artist in need of serious supplies lol….I hear slay bells, it sounds like Christmas coming my way ;)! The counter tops look great! I’m glad you found what you needed.

  2. Chad and Amy says:

    Santa can bring art supplies, you’ll just have to tell him exactly what you need since these elves don’t know what ANY of this stuff is!

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