Three Trips to the Store, But One Happy Lawn

While we have a lot to finish in our kitchen this weekend (still no working sink), we couldn’t pass up this cool September Saturday for some much-needed yard work.  We went in together with some friends/fellow home-owners last weekend to rent a lawn aerator. The total rental was only $24 bucks for the day (via Home Depot) but why spend $24 bucks alone when you can split it three ways?

Photo: Home Depot

One week later it’s time to seed and fertilize.  For the front lawn Chad used a shady grass seed formula and for the back yard Scotts Southern Gold seed.  Both were mixed with Scotts Turf Builder Starter – although we discovered while raking that Barton and Lucy have been doing their part to help fertilize the back yard too YIKES! Don’t worry no photos…

Chad made one morning run to Lowes to pick out his seed and fertilizer, but after mixing it all up in our Craigslist seed spreader, discovered that it was no longer working.  Disappointing, but we think we got our five bucks worth over the past year.

Trip number two sent Chad to True Value where he picked up what is for us the Cadillac of seed spreaders with about 15 different settings for dispensing grass seed. Who even knew there were 15 ways to spread seed? Scotts – that’s who.

Now, it’s hard to see in the photo but Chad has another lawn care secret that we will spill the beans on.  He bought a pair of high-top Air Jordan cleats (circa 1990) in a local sporting goods store and likes to wear them when he mows or seeds the lawn for just a little extra aeration. We’re not sure how much it helps but if you give it a try let us know if you notice a difference!

After a few hours of raking, mowing, picking up about a hundred pine cones, and adding new pine straw to our flower beds (tip: it’s been dry enough lately that we were able to use all that pine straw we pulled out of the gutters last week) it was time for third and final trip to the store for today.  It’s a good thing that Lowe’s is only about 2 miles from our house.

The purpose of this final trip was to snag some fall flowers for the planters on our front stoop.  The great summer plantings we had have died a miserable death. We’ve been known to return dead plants to Home Depot who really does honor that one year plant guarantee. But this was all us – and the spiders who build webs in our planters.

They’ve now been replaced with nice fall mums that we expect to be yellow.  The Lowes garden expert told me that it’s likely our planters weren’t getting enough water and to water them about twice as much as we think is necessary. So we’ll be juicing these babies all month long and will hopefully have some pics of blooming mums to share soon.

A big improvement right?

The planters are just the first step in a front stoop mini-makeover we have on the way. In the meantime, a few hours outside, a few trips down the street, and the sprinklers on full blast,  our front lawn is a much neater, happier place with new grass on its way.

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4 Responses to Three Trips to the Store, But One Happy Lawn

  1. Amy says:

    Where did you find those cute planters?

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